Freddie Memorial Page

Freddie grew up with a dog named Alex at my sister's place until about age 3 or 4, when they both took up permanent residence at my folks' house.

In July 2000 I was house-sitting for my parents and late one night out of sheer hyperactivity decided to record a few tracks, most of which were Freddie-themed. The resulting mess was passed around to a few people at the time loosely referred to as the "Freddie EP."

Nine years later, with several cats in my own home at this point, a visit to the parents' house was still never complete without at least a little face-time with Alex and Freddie. However, in summer 2009 Alex developed an unknown ailment and died in hospital. Freddie had gotten to take a trip out to see her one last time.

In fall of the same year, Freddie was subsequently diagnosed with a liver tumor that had spread too far to be removed by surgery. At 13 years old, he'd had a decent run by some standards but this was still a pretty stark blow to the family.

December 11th, 2009, Freddie died at home with mom & dad after a mercifully short bout.

I have recorded one new final track and am officially re-releasing this 10-minute travesty. Please help yourself to a copy in the Downloads section.

Now how am I supposed to come out of a fucking up-tempo number with a goddamned dead cat dedication??!

Bye, Freddie!
-love, Teevie