The Babyshakers

Self-titled full-length release from 2000. 36 tracks. 68 MB

Cover art:
front insert
back insert

Chicago Ted

Chicago Ted Kicks Ass!

Digital re-release of the CD, which contained the remastered original 1999 demo plus bonus audio. 28 tracks total. 146 MB

CD cover art:
Front insert
Back insert
Lyric insert (was printed as the inside of the front insert)


The Wally Saga

Digital re-release. 16 tracks with bonus enhanced-CD content.

CD tracks: 106 MB

Cover art (designed as labels for front & back of CD):

Bonus content which originally appeared as enhanced CD files: 24 MB


the Freddie EP

2009 digital release. 6 tracks. 17.7 MB

Cover art:
front insert 3.2 MB
back insert 1.2 MB


the Satan & Toast 7"

Released on vinyl 1995. 2011 digital re-release with 2 bonus tracks.

Satan& 21 MB

Cover art:
front 2.8 MB
back 5.9 MB


She's My Girl (Split 7" w/Pooteye)

Released on vinyl 1997. 2012 digital re-release. 10 MB

art (Teevie side):
record insert

Download the original vinyl mixes:
Pooteye side: Washer & Dryer / Fjords of Blood 11 MB
Teevie side - original mix 10 MB


Pre-Teen Nicotine Queen

Re-release of the 1996 cassette, digitally remixed with rare & unreleased bonus audio. 36 tracks. 140 MB

Cover art:
front insert 1.4 MB
back insert 0.5 MB

original 1996 cassette release art 2 MB


Wally's Restaurant

Digital re-release of the 1993 lo-fi keyboard classic, featuring bonus cuts & outtakes. 36 tracks. 72.2 MB

Cover art:
front insert, side 1 1.5 MB
front insert, side 2 1 MB
back insert 0.5 MB

original 1993 cassette release art 2.4 MB
wally1.jpg 1 MB
wally2.jpg 3.3 MB
wally3.jpg 0.8 MB


Portrait of a Dickhead

2013 digital re-release of the 1994 cassette EP, with bonus audio featuring the very first Teevie multi-track recordings. 30 tracks total. 91 MB

Original cassette cover art (was printed as B&W double-sided, folded page):
Front side


Raw & Sleepy

Released on cassette April 2000. 2012 digital re-release. 31 tracks. 96.1 MB

Dose of Logic Sampler

Compilation of over 70 tracks. Includes all the old Teevie "Throw-away MP3" tracks from 2003 as well as numerous rarities and unreleased tunes. 69.2 MB

Cover art:
Designed for use as decals on front & back of CD case.
front and back 0.8 MB

Live Recordings

Teevie's First Live Show

First live Teevie performance, in Nathan's basement 1/3/1992 43 MB

Teevie & Saraswati at Ben's House

Teevie and Saraswati, live at Ben's house 4/28/2000. Also features a performance by the Babyshakers.
Released originally as a "bootleg" cassette in 2000. Zip file includes several photos from that night.
Original cassette cover art (was printed as B&W double-sided, folded page):
outside cover
inside cover

Teevie& 110 MB

Teevie Live at the Birdhouse

Recorded at the Birdhouse in Anderson, IN 4/19/2014

Live At the 22 MB