Teevie Discography

This is an attempt at a ridiculously comprehensive Teevie discography which includes various cassettes with hand-made or photocopy covers. If you are in possession of a Teevie "release" with an alternate cover than that shown here or not listed here at all, or if you've got additional interesting info I may have forgotten to mention (or forgotten entirely!) by all means contact me at doseoflogic@yahoo.com.


Cassette c. 1987. An embarrassing 30-minute debut, the latter half of which mostly consisted of shouting over the Misfits Evilive album playing on the stereo in the background.

Tracks: (looking for info)

Let's Gang-Rape Bob!

Cassette, 1988. Personally hand-scribbled covers. 45 mins. Actually contained a couple of memorable tunes, as well as some sketch comedy with friends.

Tracks: Think About It | Let's Gang-Rape Bob | First Damn Rap | Life's Cry | Impromptu Chinese Song With Tung & Tai | 30 Seconds | Help Rape | Tri It | Expose of Phil & Dave's Discount Guns | Naughty Choir ("Rehearsal") | Peripheral Vision | Perverted French Song | Oy Ate the Phone | Whole World | Something Good on TV | Must Damn It | I'm a Bird --Doo? | Bob the Russian | Psychotic Cannibalism to a Fairly Recognizable Tune | The Tale of Sir Balldaine

Death to the Living-- Long Live the Dead

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Cassette, 1989. Personally hand-drawn covers. 45 mins. Title has nothing to do with the Grateful Dead, I assure you. Mostly more attempts at sketch humor, with the hilight being a modest keyboard "rock opera" at the end. I had not read 1984, so the reference to "Room 101" was completely coincidental. Also featured embarrassing fake "live" tracks just for fun. At the time, the concept of my performing live was just a joke. Little did I realize the living joke I would yet become.

Tracks: So Sorry | Johnny Rip-One, Ep. I | Fast Play | Poker Game | Cave Hojohozen | Answer the Door | Where is the King? | The Adventures of Oh No & Yay | Johnny Rip-One, Ep. II | Great Controversial New Song | Naughty Choir in Concert | Klondike Bar Theme | Deth 2 the Living | "Live! Gang-Rape Bob Tour '89": 1.Whole World 2.Tri It 3.Song of Hope 4.Girlfriend | You Are Among Friends Now: I.The Courtroom, Part 2 II.You Are Among Friends Now III.Recollection (The Courtroom, Part 1) IV.Never Tell a Lie V.Room 101 VI.Voice in my Head (My Only Friend)

Critical Revue

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Cassette, March 1991. Xeroxed covers, with some hand-colored. 45 mins. Finally began to focus more on the music. Probably most famous tracks from this are "Wish I Wuz a Tree", "Allah is Neat" and "God Killed My Dog".

Tracks: Critical Revue part I | Meet Bob Larson | Blues Singers From Outer Space | Trolley | Evening of the Classics | Teevie is One With Nature | Wish I Wuz a Tree | Ducks in My Head | Violent Waltz | A Nose is a Nose | Cheap Shot | Allah is Neat | The Crusades | There's an Old Man | Shut Up | Mr. T in the UK | It's Halloween | Long Hair Pedro | Some Kinda Dew | God Killed My Dog | Bone the Shit | Critical Revue part II

I Love the Ceiling Fan

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Cassette, Nov. 1991. Xeroxed covers, 90 mins. At the time I touted this as a "bootleg" for fun but I consider it canonical. Freshman year at college, I turned on the tape recorder and recorded spontaneously whenever I got bored. The most memorable product from this was "Satan & Toast", a concept quite possibly stolen subconsciously from a Dennis Worden comic. 20 copies of this tape included a xeroxed, signed & numbered "mini poster".

Tracks: Intro | Mung | Lonely at College | Satan Wants You | Fury | Political Struggle | Hungry | Circus Hell | God's Guns | Rejection | This Song is Dull | Nothonda | Disco Glenn | Ted | Summertime Blues | It's Oct. 9 | FDA Statistic | Saltines | I Love the Ceiling Fan | Gloom | Burning Flesh | 1-2 Many Times | Missed the Bus | Lullaby | Don't Touch the Bumblebee | No-Arm Farm | Lust | Billy Bob Goes to the Discotheque | Dinosaurs | Therapy | Melvin | Satan & Toast | ROTC | Death Comes in Many Forms | Nose | Water | Pig in a Poke | Last Thing I Ever Do | Sleep of the Just | various fillers, including Wakin' Blooz by Roman & Teevie 8/10/91 (exact fillers may have varied for each copy of the tape)

Wally's Restaurant

Cassette, early 1993. Xeroxed covers, 45 mins. Some hits and misses, but quite possibly the most fun concept I ever put together, in my opinion. Features another keyboard "rock opera" at the end about a visit by an extraterrestrial race. It's a metaphor, not UFO hysteria, schmucks! The song "Tom" is about my high school math teacher who died around this time.

Tracks: Boxed In| I'm a Bird... Doo? | Wally's Restaurant | Situation | Last Thing I Ever Do | Death Comes in Many Forms | I'm a Bird (Reprise?) | She is in Pain | Sandman | Tom | Get Wanted | The Sun People

Portrait of a Dickhead

Cassette, late 1993. Xeroxed covers, 30 minutes. Indulgent self-loathing goodies. "Exploring My Dickheadedness" features the first time I ever recorded with electric guitar, which was actually an acoustic guitar hooked up to a distortion pedal.

Tracks: Bold New Land | Sandman (1st live performance) | "I Like to Sit on Grandpa's Lap"(aka No One Likes My Girlfriend) | Jim Henson Died | Greasy Motherfucker | Crippled | Outlaw Scumfuc (GG Allin cover) | CDD | Satan & Toast (live, with Sunny Sea Heaven) | Jesus Fish | Exploring My Dickheadedness

Satan & Toast

Dose of Logic DL001

7", 1995. Pressing of 500. Recorded on 4-track in 1994. Another version of "Jesus Fish" was recorded originally as a tentative A-side but was eventually scrapped.

Tracks: Satan & Toast | God Killed My Dog | Allah Is Neat | The Crusades | Stuck in a Trough

Pre-Teen Nicotine Queen

Cassette, 1996. Xeroxed covers. Various 4-track recordings from 1994-96 which constitute a pretty accurate psychological profile from that time.

Tracks: Fireman on Cocaine | If I Were a Goddess | Show Me Your Ass | Bob Dole Rides Again | Kill Me Quickly | I Want a Girl | Fuckin Insane | Spartacus | Runaway (Del Shannon cover} | Take Me Away | Little Girls Like to Smoke | $2 Anus | Alienated | Sitting in This Room (GG Allin cover)

More Than You Bargained For-- The 144 Minute CD

Urinine Records URNCD-001

CD, 1997. Teevie was one of 18 featured bands on this compilation. Double length compressed onto one CD, with one monaural program in the left channel and another in the right channel. Fireman & Goddess are the same recordings as from PTNQ, except mono mixes. Other bands on the CD: In Ano, Tonsul, Sohcahtoa, Merick, The Dorks, Sanity Assassins, Battery Pack, Germ Attack, Rubber Frogs, Philbert, Candidate, Roman the Edge, National Guard, Afterbirth, Provocative Elbow, Emotion Zero, and Uriel.

Teevie Tracks: Fireman on Cocaine | If I Were a Goddess | Trinity | Don't Talk to Me (GG Allin cover) | What Time Zone

She's My Girl

Urinine Records URN7-007

Split 7" with Pooteye, 1997.

Teevie Tracks: I'm Naked | She's My Girl | Jodie Foster Will Be Mine
Pooteye Tracks: Washer & Dryer | Fjords of Blood

Cover #1Cover #2

Fuck You Up & Get High: A Dwarves Tribute

Transparent Records TR-03

2x7", 1999. 25 test pressings. 1000 standard pressing, including 200 on white vinyl and 2 different covers available. V/A comp of Dwarves tribute songs, one Teevie track.

Teevie Track: Nothing

Raw & Sleepy

Click here for larger image of B-cover.

Cassette, 4/28/2000. Xeroxed covers, 90 minutes, including B-side live track compilation "Wanted: Dead, Not Live." A-side features primarily a bunch of low-fi impromptu tracks recorded in a single night, plus 5 four-track recordings. Photo used for B-side is an alternate photo from "Portrait of a Dickhead" session.

A-Side Tracks: This Moment | Cheese | Goose Poop | Gas Station Love | Mind Control | Blair Kvetch | Gunny Sack | The Fate of the Caterpillar | Uncle Messiah | Afterlife | My Nose Itches | A Thought | The Harvest | Star Trek | Memories | Doggie in the Woods | Cheese Grater | Happy Birthday Jesus | Shindig | Goal | The Lost Chord | Ocean Explosion | Smelly Bus | Stop That | Cherries | Raw & Sleepy | Captain Fantasy (Ween cover) | Afterlife II | Ocean Explosion II | Be Dead

Live History

(*) indicates audiotape of show exists
(+) indicates videotape of show exists

(*)first live performance, in "Hoi Polloi" with Peter, Rob, Pete & Chris. We did "I'm a Bird" (Peter sang) as well as a cover of Danzig's "Twist of Cain" (sung by Teevie).

(*)Jan. 23, first Teevie show, opening for Sunny Sea Heaven in Nathan's basement, Indpls., IN
(*)Jan. 11, house party, Indpls., IN
(*)Mar. 28, house party, Indpls., IN
(*)May 8, house party, Pittsburgh, PA

(*)Sept. 12, opened for Sunny Sea Heaven at the Sitcom, Indpls., IN
(*)Oct. 15, opened for One-Spot Fringehead at the Sitcom, Indpls., IN
unknown date- opened for Sunny Sea Heaven in Flint, MI (SSH tape exists but Teevie set was not taped)
(*) unknown date- Sitcom, Indpls., IN
(*)(+)unknown date- house party, Pittsburgh, PA
(*)(+) unknown date- opening for Triple-X Barnfest at the Big Open Space, CMU Campus, Pittsburgh, PA
unknown date- opened for Sunny Sea Heaven in some girl's basement? Indpls., IN

(*)(+ partial video exists) Jan. 15, opened for Sohcahtoa & Nathan Pyritz at Club Nowhere, Indpls., IN

May 17, opened for Sohcahtoa, In Ano, & Merick at Shortbus, Fort Wayne, IN
May 18, opened for Sohcahtoa & Pete's Eye at A-1 Records, Anderson, IN.
(*)Sept. 7, opened for Sohcahtoa, A-1 Records, Anderson, IN
(*)Oct. 6, opened for Boneyard Devils & Deadbolt, A-1 Records, Anderson, IN
(*) (+ partial video rumored to exist) Oct. 11, opened for Pooteye, A-1 Records, Anderson, IN

(*)Feb. 28, Tecumseh house, opening for Feedback Loop & Sohcahtoa encore swansong performance, Indpls., IN

(+ partial video exists) May 21, house party, Anderson, IN

(*)Apr. 28, Simpleton/Ben's house party for Matt Allen, opening for Feedback Loop and Saraswati.